Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Young Superstars II #15 - Mickey Brantley

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Here's our first Mariner.

Any idea where this picture was taken? Wherever it was, it's the same place as the base card, which is one of the best looking in the set as far as color goes.

Look at it! Blue jersey, blue batting gloves, blue border. When the border color matched the uniform colors, these cards are beautiful.

On the reverse of the Young Superstars card, the cap looks airbrushed. It's probably just really dirty, but something about it doesn't look right.

Brantley didn't have a very long career in the majors, though he batted .302 as a rookie in '87 and fared pretty well as a regular player in 1988. He spent time between 1990 and 1993 in the minor leagues, before finishing '93 in Japan.

After his playing days, he coached in the Mets and Giants systems before spending some time as the Blue Jays hitting coach.

Mickey Brantley's career statistics


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That cement background is visible on a lot of Mariners cards from the 80s. Me thinks it's their old spring training facility in Arizona. And yes, I had this card at one time and thought it was beautiful as most cards in this set are.