Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Young Superstars II #17 - Bret Saberhagen

What a horrible picture. Looks like it was taken in Oakland, probably at the All Star Game. The base card was taken at Yankee Stadium.

At the time this card was printed, Saberhagen was 24 years old and had already won his first Cy Young award, a World Series ring and a World Series MVP trophy.

Though he wasn't nearly in the years after 1994, he still managed to put up respectable numbers. Had he been able to keep the pace he set between 1984 and 1989, he could have been a 250+ game winner. As it stands though, his 167 wins aren't too shabby.

In 1989 he led the American league in wins (23), ERA (2.16), WHIP (.961), innings pitched (262.3) and he also threw 12 complete games.

Bret Saberhagen's career statistics


bloggerDK said...

Sabes was a part of one of my top 5 baseball memories. He started game 5 of the '99 ALDS for the Red Sox against Cleveland, lasting only an inning and giving up 4 runs. You have to hand it to him, though, he was hurt and basically took one for the team. Derek Lowe relieved him and wasn't much better, giving up I think 3 more runs over two innings.

And then in comes Pedro to throw 6 innings of no-hit ball when he couldn't even lift his arm above the horizontal. I still get goosebumps when I think about that game.

Ben said...

I think I remember watching that game in the lobby of the dorm I lived in my freshman year in college.

I don't remember Derek Lowe, but I remember Saberhagen and Pedro.

bloggerDK said...

Funny, I was a sophomore, but for some reason I was definitely at my parents house watching that game. I'm not sure why.