Monday, March 16, 2009

Young Superstars II #14 - Jeff Blauser

The picture on the reverse looks like it was taken after a rain delay (or an off day) because that looks like a tarp over the infield. The grey overcast sky in the background is another indication of rain.

For whatever reason I don't remember Jeff not being on the 1995 World Series roster. 1995 was not a good year for Jeff, in 115 games he batted only .211. In the division series and NLCS he went 0-10 with two walks and five strikeouts. Ouch. I guess that's why he wasn't on the World Series roster.

Blauser was just an average player who showed some streaks of brilliance from time to time. He was a two time All Star (he started at short in 1997) and won the Silver Slugger in 1997. But I'll always remember him as a much better player than he really was. I still miss Blauser and Lemke up the middle in Atlanta.

He had a great year in 1997, and though he cooled off considerably in early August, he was still batting over .350 as late as June 28.

Jeff Blauser's career statistics


Captain Canuck said...

wow. Good times. I loved Blaus... he was an odd one, like me.