Sunday, March 1, 2009

Young Superstars #34 - Casey Candaele

I miss the Expos. I miss their old blue away jersey and I especially miss their old field cap and batting helmet.

Are those Padres I see in the background, or Giants?

Casey Candaele is the first player in this set that I had to sit back and ask myself "who?" I know the name, but for the life of my can't tell you one thing about his career other than he played in Montreal. But I guess the same can be said of a lot of Expos.

Candaele played for nine seasons and while the bat wasn't his best weapon, he was a very versitile fielder with a better than average fielding percentage (though lower than average range). Over the course of his career, he played at least one game at every position except for pitcher.

Casey Candaele's career statistics


djl said...

Three facts about Casey Candaele, all of which are completely true:

1. His mom was a star in the All American Girls Baseball League.
2. He hit the shortest home run in the history of Olympic Stadium.
3. He was totally awesome.

Ben said...

ah ha. Learn something new every day.