Saturday, March 14, 2009

Young Superstars II #10 - Eric Davis

Here's another card with really good color combinations on the front, and a nice swing by Davis with the ball coming into the frame. It's also another Wrigley shot.

Davis was touted as a five tool player, and he was exceptionally good at all aspects of the game. However, he was also exceptionally good at getting hurt and never managed to play in more than 135 games in any of his 17 seasons.

In 1997 Davis was diagnosed with colon cancer but said he'd return before the end of the season. During that year's AL Division Series, Davis did come back, hitting a game winning home run as a member of the Orioles.

A year after coming back from cancer, Davis put together his best season, batting .327 with 28 home runs and 89 RBIs. However, after 1998 his career quickly went down hill with three injury shortened seasons before retiring in 2001.

Eric Davis' career statistics